Brand Refresh. New Web Site. Continual of Design + Planning Excellence.

Momentum Architecture is growing and evolving. Our previous visual identity no longer fully represents our firm. We have asked Tran Creative, a Brand Design firm in Coeur d’Alene, to refresh our visual identity to communicate the advancement.

Story of the new look:

The Ideas: Using a ruler and a T-square, Tran Creative created letter “M” for Momentum and “A” for Architecture. The T-square = exactness. The subtle and orange “A” is also an arrow with upward momentum. The logo mark has a subtle reference to roof top of houses/buildings.

The typography is clean, strong, and timeless. Gray = experience. Orange = innovative, progressive, and passion for new ideas in architecture and design.

We hope with this introduction to the new Brand Identity, we will continue to move forward with upward momentum.

Old Logo